APEX HOME HEALTH SERVICES offers a unique interest free loan for our clients who are Veterans (or surviving spouses of Veterans) and want to get access to the Veterans Administration (VA) Aid and Attendance benefit.  This benefit can provide 15-30 hours of care per week for the rest of their life!

  • THE PROBLEM: The VA A & A pension benefit is a reimbursement or retroactive benefit. VA benefits are ordinarily retroactive starting the first of the month after the VA receives the application. Most VA benefit applications take 6-12 months to get approved and involve an extensive application process and ongoing monitoring to maintain the benefit. Ninety-eight percent (98%) of the time a person needs to have home care in place during the 6-12 month application process in order to get approved. The cost of this care can be too high for many Veterans - in addition to the fact that the Veterans do not know if their benefit application will even get approved and allow them to be paid back by the VA for their care costs during the application process. The risks are just too high for many Veterans and their surviving spouses so they usually do not end up applying for the VA benefit they have earned.

  • OUR SOLUTION:  We work with Veterans and their surviving spouses to complete and file their benefit paperwork so we can help ensure they get approved and (for qualified candidates) provide them a 6-12 month interest free loan to pay for the home care services during the 6-12 month application process. Once the Veteran gets approval for their benefit, they are retroactively paid (by the VA) for all the care provided to them during their 6-12 month application process. The Veteran then pays us back the interest free loan.

  • THE RESULT:  The Veteran or surviving spouse gets to have 15-30 hours a week of care starting as soon as we submit their benefit application. We then continue to keep the Veteran compliant with the requirements of the VA benefit and handle all VA audits for the rest of their life so they can keep getting 15-30 hours a week of care.

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