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Veterans Aid and Attendance

Did You or Your Spouse Serve Our Country?

The Veterans Aid and Attendance pension is a benefit available to many senior veterans and their spouses. Unfortunately, many of those who could be receiving this pension don't currently know about it, and many of the people eligible really need it.

As many seniors know, aging usually comes with a greater need for care and the costs of that care can be staggering. When a senior reaches the point where accomplishing basic and necessary daily tasks like eating, getting dressed, and going to the bathroom is impossible to do alone, it's necessary to look into options like in-home care.

Having to face that need for regular help is hard enough, but paying for it presents another huge challenge. The aid and attendance benefit is meant to ease that challenge for veterans' families so they can better afford the help they need. Apex Home Health Services offers a unique interest free loan to our clients who are Veterans (or surviving spouses of Veterans) who want to get access to the VA Aid and Attendance benefit.  This allows our clients to put care in place while qualifying for this reimbursement benefit. This benefit can provide 15-30 hours of care per week for the rest of their life.

Our fathers, mothers, and friends may be eligible for a unique benefit they have earned through the Veterans Administration (VA) called “Aid and Attendance.” The benefit provides up to 30 hours per week of FREE non-medical care for the Veteran and or Surviving Spouse in their home or residence of choice.

There are currently over 2 million Veterans who the VA believes could qualify for this benefit and only 25% of them are currently taking advantage of it. Take advantage of the benefits you have earned!

To qualify, this benefit requires that you meet with the following conditions:

1) You are over age 65.
2) You are a Veteran or a surviving spouse of a Veteran.
3) The Veteran served as “Active Military” status for 90 days during an approved time        of war: WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War or Gulf War.
4) The Veteran was honorably discharged.
5) The Veteran or surviving spouse meets income requirements.
6) The Veteran or surviving spouse needs assistance with bathing, grooming, meal              preparation, etc. on a regular basis in order to stay independent in their home or          chosen place of residence.

Apex Home Health Services and our VA accredited agents will speed your application process and most importantly, maintain your benefits through the ongoing VA audits. We can complete your application for the VA Aid & Attendance benefit and allow you to receive up to 30 hours a week of FREE in home care paid for by the VA – starting immediately – that can continue at no charge for the rest of your life and that of a surviving spouse. 

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